Sunday, February 10, 2008

Lean Times

for Al-Qaeda in Iraq. Pity Nancy Pelosi doesn't get it. Look, the merits of invading Iraq were debatable but if one styles themselves to be of the "reality based" community, isn't willful denial of the facts on the ground kind of silly?

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Wednesday, February 06, 2008

McCain is doing well tonight

I wonder if Mark Levin's head will explode (figuratively)...

My First Caucus

After many years of just voting, I went to my first caucus tonight. Since I am not a member of any MN political party I didn't know if I would be considered to be rather like the skunk at a picnic, but I guess when you live in St. Paul and go to the GOP caucus they tend to want to make a fellow welcome.

In truth, the gent running the show seemed quite impressed with the turnout (district 67B for those keeping score) of about 150-200 people (my very unscientific guess) . I ended up as the Sgt-at-Arms for my caucus room, oddly enough. Fortunately the job mostly consisted of making sure the speakers adhered to the time limits for debating resolutions. Anyhow, if I had wanted to be a delegate for my precinct it would have been pretty easy to do (3 delegates + 6 alternates for the precinct, and 5 people present) , but it seemed to me that being elected a Republican delegate when I'm not a Republican wouldn't be cricket.

The straw poll was held first with Mitt Romney winning, followed by Mike Huckabee.