Sunday, February 29, 2004

If You Want to Raise Taxes, Clap Your Hands!

In Saturday's Star Tribune editorial on the budget there are couple of curious notions. I'm not talking about their criticisms of the governor's decision to ignore inflation in the budget projections, as I believe that is a valid criticism. The idea I'm thinking of is the notion that an increase in jobs will increase the state's budget problems:

One reason the state isn't deeper in red ink is that spending on public health and education is coming in lower than expected. That's in part because fewer newcomers have been attracted to the state during the prolonged "jobless" recovery since 2001. As jobs return, so will people to fill them, bringing with them their need for education and health care.

I thought jobs being created in the state would be a good thing. After all, don't people who work pay taxes, instead of collecting unemployment?

The other item is the Star Tribune editorial board's reluctance to openly advocate raising taxes while at the same time criticizing Governor Pawlenty's unwillingness to agree to a tax increase. C'mon guys, don't be shy. If you want higher taxes tell us what taxes you want raised, who should additionally taxed, how much more should they be paying, and why they should support it. Be proud, stand up for your beliefs!

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