Friday, February 11, 2005

Eason Jordan Quits

Eason Jordan has resigned from his position at CNN. Since I haven't seen any reports of him requesting the release of the World Economic Forum's video recording of his remarks, I would venture a guess that the contents are pretty much as reported by most of the witnesses in attendance there (or worse). Otherwise, why quit without even releasing the video?

I wonder if this would have been necessary had he asked for the release of the video tape and fessed up to (as well as apologized for) saying something stupid and wrong in public. Unfortunate. Perhaps if the professional news media would apply the same standards of transparency to itself that it demands of the people it covers, there wouldn't be as much distrust and disillusionment with journalists as there is now. But, that's about as likely as the Star Tribune demanding that Nick Coleman fact check his columns.... .

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