Tuesday, August 02, 2005


/end sarcasm.

As expected, President Bush took advantage of the current congressional recess to appoint John Bolton UN Ambassador. This was the trigger for two varieties of BS.

The first was the "I am shocked, just shocked" reaction from the Democrats. Guys, Claude Rains could pull that one off, but you all sure aren't Claude Rains. Grow up. This was an inevitable move ever since you chose to make this guy's nomination a political football for the sole purpose of embarassing the President.

Then we have some conservatives. I heard the fellow who was filling in for Hugh Hewitt today talking about how this recess appointment was a courageous move by the President. Spare me. Everyone knows this move was coming for months, no courage necessary. On the other hand, spare all of us this crap.

We have a disfunctional government in Washington right now, and I think it is due to two factors. First and foremost is the willingness of the Democratic Party to brazenly flout Senate convention in their efforts to block or otherwise obstruct everything the administration proposes, regardless of merit. Look you clowns, if you want to set policy win a damn election. If you intend to act like the majority party, it is very useful to actually, like, have a majority... .

Then we have a Republican Senate majority that doesn't know how to act like one because they are all too busy running for President. Earth to GOP: the election is 3 years away, do the damn job you've been elected todo for a change. The current manuvering just pisses people off. (Ok, maybe just me, but I think I've got company.)

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