Tuesday, January 03, 2006

The Abramoff plea deal

Jack Abramoff (Lobbyist, Thief) copped a plea today, pleading guilty to offenses including wire fraud and tax evasion. Since WSJ's Law Blog did the work, I'll point to them for links to the plea deal and other info on the deal and on Abramoff.

Abramoff is a thief, perhaps not a common thief but certainly no better than any other. And the fact that politicians from both parties were busy lining up at his trough disgusts me. I don't think it matters what party all that much, since if the Dems were in power instead of the GOP, Abramoff would have still probably done the same sorts of things, since getting stuff and making lots of money were his lodestars.

The GOP should be especially ashamed. Part of reason they gained control of the House in '94 was because they convinced us they were better, less corrupt than the other guys. I don't think many really believed they were that much better, but it wouldn't taken much to be better. What they've proved instead since '94 is they were just as venal as the Dems who controlled the Congress in the days of Rostenkowski and Wright. Not to mention how cheaply they could be bought. Charge millions, buy politicians for a few hundred grand, what a racket! So what do we have now? Two major parties, neither of which is fit to govern. A Republican party that can't see past keeping control, getting lots of campaign dollars and lots of perks, or a Democratic party obsessed with regaining control and campaign dollars, plus ideas which make them unfit to govern my backyard. The pols in New Orleans would be so proud. I'd yell for throwing out the sleazebags, but who there isn't one?

Just color me one disgusted American citizen, at least for today.

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