Wednesday, April 14, 2004

A Note about the Star Tribune

Now, it is possible that visitors here (no doubt few, but welcome) may have noticed that I pick on the Minneapolis Star Tribune editorial staff a lot. There are multiple reasons for this:

  • The Star Tribune is the most prominent and influential of the local newspapers (despite the Pioneer Press having more Pulitzers). For that reason it matters more to me when they say stupid or unfair things about people they disagree with. If the big paper was conservative, I'd probably be criticizing them from the other side.

  • The Star Tribune's editorial viewpoint generally runs rather to the left of mainstream opinion in the state of Minnesota, despite their pretentions of being the voice of the mainstream. This belief is held despite the fact that Republican Party controls more state and federal elected offices in Minnesota than the DFL. I feel the need to express my disagreement with that view from time to time.

  • The Star Tribune seems to have a chip on its shoulder regarding our current President. Given their biases I don't really expect to see much positive coverage of any GOP president, but they really roll out the vitriol barrel for George W. Bush. They seem to hate the guy enough that they are willing to distort and misrepresent his positions to make editorial points. This offends my sense of fair play. For what it's worth, this is from someone who was a McCain guy in 2000.

  • My views on the issues of the day tend to place me slightly to the right of center politically. This probably makes me a bit more sensitive to slights from the left-liberals at the Strib. At some point, I'll expand a bit on my political views, but not now.

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