Thursday, April 29, 2004

Star Tribune Civility Watch 04/29/2004

The Star Tribune printed what is in my opinion a pair of brainless, malicious cartoons by Steve Sack - one (free registration required) attacking President Bush personally with an image portraying him as a baby under the control of Vice President Cheney and another (not posted on the web yet) labeling people who criticize John Kerry's explanations about his anti-war activities after his Vietnam service as being chickenhawks. It isn't even worth explaining why these cartoons suck, and the Star Tribune knows it anyway. They are just taking a couple of low, personal shots at people they have policy disagreements with. Perhaps for a change they should criticize the substance of the policies they object to instead of making ad hominem attacks. The fact that they often don't says a lot more about the editors at the Star Tribune (and Steve Sack) than it does about the folks they are attacking.

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