Sunday, September 18, 2005

Metrodome Matrimony

This Saturday I had the opportunity to attend my first baseball wedding. Two friends chose to tie the knot at the Metrodome with 82 other couples. 'Twas an interesting experience especially for the Twins and WCCO, methinks. It had bit of a disorganized feel to it, the feel of something that neither organization had tried before.

Unsurprisingly the ceremony was a civil service, since unless you're Rev. Sung Yung Moon it's pretty hard to put together a religious ceremony that would be appropriate for this sizeable group. (The diverse part would have daunted even him.) I was surprised at the mention of God in the ceremony though. The fellow officiating did manage to avoid the use of phrasing like "Do you [state your name] take this...", thus avoiding at least on opportunity for jokes. In any case the ceremony went off pretty well and I didn't even screw up my part holding up a piece of heart in the card section.

Congratulations Laurel and Kevin, and may your lives together be long and happy ones.

And yes, the Twins beat the White Sox 5-0, with Johan Santana fanning 13 Sox along the way.

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