Thursday, September 29, 2005


I had the misfortune of spending about 20 minutes listening to the Mike Malloy program on our local Air America affiliate this evening. It was an unexpectedly difficult exercise, but I did learn some things from it:

First, that Mr. Malloy seems to think that invective and personal attacks are the equivalent of making an argument. In the time I listened, I was treated to a nasty description of Newt Gingrich's sex life, informed that Republicans want to destroy America. Why? He doesn't say. In the whole block of time, he did not make a single statement in support of his assertion.

Second, if Malloy's off-air personality is similar to the on-air one he appears to be a narrow, intolerant, contemptible excuse for a human being.

Third, if he qualifies as one of Air America's stars, they've sure defined down the term 'star'.

If this is how the left defines the equivalent of conservative talk radio, they need to think again. The only right-wing talker I know of even close to being this obnoxious is the reactionary Michael Savage. The others at least can make an argument.

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