Thursday, February 09, 2006

Confusing Criticism and Censorship

at the DFL, of course. In this story about the DFL's new blog, David Ruth hints that GOP criticism is the same as attacking freedom of speech:
"There is a lot of overheated editorializing," said Mark Drake, communications director for the GOP Minnesota.

"I think the DFL is playing catch-up with the blog in the state," Drake said. "A lot of the energy from blogging has always been on the GOP side."

Although the state Republican Party does not have its own blog, Drake said it has a good relationship with bloggers across Minnesota who promote the ideas and messages of the GOP.

"It is a new medium, but the same old tired DFL attack stuff," Drake said of the new DFL site.

Said Ruth: "If they [Republicans] want to hammer on the freedom of speech, I welcome that. And if it drives more people to our site, I encourage Mark Drake to post regularly."

Just once, I would like to see proof that the GOP is against the 1st Amendment. Seems to me that lefty types who push stuff like banning hate speech are a bigger threat to free expression than the GOP.

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