Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Right wingers hate Muslims!

Yep, the word is out thanks to that beacon of reason and light, Antonia Zerbisias. The sign she picked up on is the willingness to defend freedom of expression by being willing to publish something that some Muslims are offended by. The horror! Worse yet, they actually have the temerity to criticize the rioting, killing, embassy-burning morons that have been making the news of late in Europe and the Middle East. Heaven forbid that someone actually hurt their widdle feewings... . What a steaming pile of you-know-what!

I wonder if she was so caring about the feelings of Christians and Jews being oppressed and persecuted in Muslim lands, or those Christians offended by the Virgin Mary depicted in elephant dung, or Jesus Christ dunked in urine? I'll bet she backed those artists to the hilt. When will we see columns from her objecting to cartoonists in Arab newspapers depicting Jews and Israelis in the same ways the Nazis did? Maybe sometime after Hell freezes over, I expect.

In any case, in Zerbisias' world criticizing the groups she defends is the same thing as hatred. Dumb. Moreover, I didn't see glee in the postings of those supporting the Danish cartoonists. I did see a spirited defence of free expression, which Zerbisias is quite willing to abandon as long as it is Muslims and leftists who are offended. I also saw that name-calling is all right by her, as long as it is directed at people she disagrees with. Hypocrite.

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