Thursday, January 29, 2004

About the BBC...

As probably the whole Western world knows by now, the results of an investigation into the death of David Kelley by Lord Justice Hutton were reported in Britain yesterday, with Justice Hutton basically vindicating the government and ripping the BBC a new anal orifice. Jeff Jarvis has been on this thing like a blanket, (start here and scroll down) so I won't repeat it.

All I really wanted to say about the matter is that it's about time. The local public radio news station carries the BBC World Service during the late evening/early mornings, and the bias in their coverage of the United States is just short of blatant. It usually takes the form of an 'analysis' piece bout some Bush administration policy/decision where the 'American view' is presented by a person critical of or hostile to said policy. Only rarely do they deign to have a guest that is supportive of administration policy. This is a rather odd way of fulfilling the part of the BBC charter that requires impartiality.

The resignations of Gavyn Davies and Greg Dykes are a start, but not nearly enough. Andrew Gilligan's head delivered to Jeff Jarvis (as requested ;-) ) isn't enough. There is a whole culture there that needs removal, root and branch. I just hope the next BBC chairman has a big enough shovel.

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