Monday, January 26, 2004

Why I won't be voting for Kerry, Part XXX

I keep finding reasons why I won't be able to vote for John Kerry come November. The latest was a statement he made while being interviewed on Fox last Sunday. When he was asked if he thought that President Bush had deliberately led us into war under false pretenses, he dodged the question by accusing Dick Cheney of misleading us into the Iraq invasion instead of concentrating on Al Qaida. As answers go, this one bothered me on multiple grounds.

First, the re-introductions of the 'Bush is dumb' and 'Bush is a puppet' themes by implying that Vice President Cheney is the one really running the government. Second is the idea that the US government dropped the hunt for Al Qaida scumbags in favor of the invasion of Iraq. Earth to Kerry - the government can multitask, and the hunt for Bin Laden's boys hasn't stopped. Last is the weasel factor - if Kerry wants to accuse the administration of wrongdoing, he should have the guts to do it directly instead of attacking Bush indirectly via Cheney.

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