Tuesday, January 27, 2004

What is a Tightwad to Do?

After perusing this item at Opinion Journal, its hard to see where a political home can be found for those of us who are concerned with the growing federal deficits. If the author's figures are accurate, the Democrats are promising to spend even more money than Bush, and repealing Bush's tax cut will not make up the difference.

Since fiscal sanity apparently is not to be found in either major party, what other criteria are left to decide on a vote? National security and the economy are probably the most important since without those two under control, other domestic concerns are moot. At this point the only major Democratic candidate that has convinced me he's serious on security is Sen. Lieberman, and he has about the same chance of winning the Dem. nomination as I do. As far as the economy, they all seem to be interested in raising tax and regulation burdens - which doesn't leave me with a case of the warm fuzzies either. It would seem that I may be pushed towards voting for Bush by default. Please, Democrats, make some decent arguments so at least I can think I have more than one reasonable choice.

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