Thursday, March 03, 2005

From Today's LA Times...

I don't understand why the LA Times bothered with this story (registration possibly required). What was the Times thinking when they came up with the headline "N. Korea, Without the Rancor: A businessman speaks his mind about the U.S., the 'nuclear club' and human rights issues." to describe the government-issure interview of a North Korean government functionary "businessman" (along with his possible 'minder') ? It's just another rehash of the "We're just regular folks, and if the US and the Bush administration didn't cause all our problems, everything will be jake" line spouted by the NK government for years. So, what mind is being spoken here - Kim "I'm So Ronery" Jong-Il's? In case a reminder is needed, here's some of what the State Department says about the state of things in North Korea. (via Vodkapundit) People are indeed people everywhere, but it really, really sucks to be a people in North Korea.

Undoubtably we'll see this one reprinted in the Star Tribune fairly soon.

Update: More about the story and its author over at Power Line.

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