Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Just when I write something nice about them...

the Strib runs this not-even-worth fisking piece of garbage. Earth to Rasmussen: if your view of a worthy Democratic organization is MoveOn.org, there is precious little room available for dissing the GOP. Oh, and did I mention that the party whom you say has no good people in it has cleaned your party's clock the last two elections? I don't expect the GOP has much use (or need) for your "sympathy".

Then we have this lovely little piece from the writer who challenges Nick Coleman for the title of most repulsive local writer printed in the Strib, Syl Jones. Over the years he has made a career of exploiting the double standard the Stib has concerning race. He writes things about our Caucasian population (sometimes referred to as "Ice People") that would get me branded a racist if I were to write similar things about people of color. Today, he eschews his normal routine to take the Terri Schiavo situation and use it as an excuse to write another Republican-bashing column, as is his wont. He seems to think that the GOP isn't really pro-life. Why? Here's an excerpt:

Should Congress threaten to get involved --if the hulking figure of Dennis Hastert ever darkens my doorway -- please call an immediate news conference. Ask Congress why, if they are so pro-life, haven't they pulled the 130,000 American men and women out of Iraq and stopped killing people there?

So Syl, Iraqi lives don't count? You know, the lives that have been saved by preventing their previous government from killing them since 2003 and in years to come? The lives saved in Israel because Saddam Hussein isn't funding suicide bombers anymore?
Ask them why they've allowed the CIA to outsource torture so that living human beings are suffering on their watch.

Hey Syl, got any proof?
Ask them, too, if there isn't a glaring contradiction between being pro-life and supporting the sale of .50-caliber rifles.

Well Syl, there is this document called the Constitution that you should try reading some time. Note the part called the Bill of Rights, especially amendment number two, which mentions the right to bear arms. Also, outside of Iraqi and Afghan Islamic terrorists, what innocent person has been killed by one of the rifles you so abhor? Anyone?
Make the point that the surging violence in this country is surely not befitting a Judeo-Christian nation and ask why they aren't spending their time reducing real violence instead of staging special sessions.

So tell me Syl, when did the GOP endorse rising violence? Did you notice, by the way, that violent crime is down from a decade ago?
Most of all, ask them why their vehement pro-marriage stance hasn't stopped them from destroying the simple but sacred bond between Terri and Michael Schiavo, husband and wife. If a husband can't speak for his wife, and vice versa, when facing life-and-death issues, then the cockeyed conservatism of an ignorant few has gutted the very meaning of marriage.

Syl, perhaps the husband would be more credible if say, he hadn't taken up with another woman and had children with her, or hadn't attempted end Mrs. Schiavo's treatment shortly after winning a large malpractice award. Pardon me if I don't find Michael Schiavo to be the poster child for devoted husbands and defender of the meaning of marriage.

Anyhow, there's more of this, but I just can't stand to read any more of it.

Update: I cleaned up the "prose" a bit and corrected some stupid spelling errors . Now writing on the blackboard 100 times : Preview is My Friend, Preview is My Friend... .

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