Saturday, March 26, 2005

How the French feel about us

From Le Monde Watch, a sampling of how a cross section of Le Monde's readership views us. I don't know which aspect of it I find most appalling, the ignorance, the arrogance, or the malice. My "favorite" excerpt:
I don't like Americans, and even less what they stand for [ce qui va avec], power, arrogance, smugness, authoritarianism, contempt for others, the war in Iraq […] with, as their main results, their victims' development of hatred and the desire for vengeance, and the growing hostility towards Westerners. (The ellipsis […] was not mine but was added by Le Monde's own editors, who presumably did not have the space to list all of the sins that René Maffone accuses Uncle Sam of.)
Notice that René's list didn't get to Iraq until he listed five gripes more important to him. All I have to say to say to René is: take a good, long, look at yourself in the mirror before you accuse us of any of the first five. As for the war in Iraq, René, how many people have Frenchmen liberated lately? One other thing, René - don't worry, we don't really give a rat's rectum what you think anyway.

Thanks go to David's Medienkritik for the links to Le Monde Watch

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