Tuesday, April 19, 2005

The Liquor Cabinet

At the Frater's place this list of additions to JB Doubtless' liquor cabinet happend to catch my eye. After the pangs of regret at missing the chance to buy reduced-tax booze passed, I got to thinking about how I would change the contents of his shopping cart. So here's my roadmap to happy, long term inebriation:

  1. One bottle of Lagavullin
  2. One bottle of Glenmorangie 15 year old
  3. One bottle of Talisker
  4. One bottle of Absolut
  5. One bottle of Booker's
  6. One bottle of Basil Hayden's
  7. One six pack of Sierra Nevada Pale Ale
  8. One six pack of Newcastle Brown Ale
  9. One six pack of Kingfisher lager
  10. One six pack of Harp
  11. One bottle of Jameson Gold
  12. One bottle of the Tyrconnell Irish single malt
  13. One bottle of Bailey's Irish Creme
  14. One gallon Chippewa Springs bottled water
There are a few differences from JB Doubtless' list. I got rid of the wine (my sense of taste isn't good enough to appreciate them) the fruity stuff, the tequila, and most of the vodka. I added more Scotch, Irish, and Kentucky whisky/whiskeys. Although I substituted Bailey's for the O'Keefe's only because I'm unfamiliar with it. I could be convinced otherwise, however. The Kingfisher I became somewhat fond of while in India on business a few years ago.

I wonder how much I could have stiffed the state for?

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