Friday, April 15, 2005

When you can't argue the facts,

argue the law. If you can't argue the facts or the law, attack the other lawyer. That's the phrase that came to mind upon reading this piece by C. Ford Runge in today's Star Tribune. He didn't really engage her position on the issue of gay marriage, he just tried to ridicule her and imply that she is so conservative as to be unbalanced. One would think a distinguished law professor could actually argue on the merits of her primary arguments. Instead, he writes about where Sen. Bachmann got her law degree, and quotes people who disagree with her, plus a few cherry picked quotes from her.

Why not just argue the merits? If her concerns about the federal judiciary and academic freedom on campuses are unfounded, show us why. Don't just use cheap debater's tricks.

Note: I don't know much about Sen. Bachmann nor do I have much of an opinion on the merits of same sex marriage, other than the issue should be decided by the legislature or the people directly rather than the courts, an argument that I made here a while back.

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