Monday, April 18, 2005

Nasty Nick Coleman

I don't think Nick Coleman is a dumb person. A hack for the DFL yes, but he's not a dumb person. He does however seem to have a mean streak of the more petty kind, which he puts on display in Sunday's Star Tribune (previous posts about Coleman's writing style here and here). Nick, we understand that you are foursquare in favor of gay marriage, and that Senator Bachmann's ducking behind a hedge to avoid confronting some pro-homosexual protesters is somewhat funny. Problem is , writing a column about it that is actually funny requires more talent than the one that came up with the label "Senator Sneak". But since the topic of labeling now has come up, from now on I'll just refer to you as "Nasty Nick", or maybe "Nitwit Nick", or even "Catty Coleman".

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