Thursday, June 16, 2005


I'm sorry for the lack of posting lately, I have spent this week getting ready for Friday's Flames of War game at the Source in St. Paul. For anyone who's interested FOW is a set of rules for tactical World War Two wargaming with 15mm miniature figures. I'm providing half the American force for this week's game, two companies of the United States Army will be facing off against the Wehrmacht in a no-holds-barred slugging match. Hopefully I won't embarrass the USA too much... .

I see things haven't changed all that much anyway. The Star Tribune is still trying to convince everyone George Bush is a war criminal, while the press seems intent on transforming Guantanamo Bay into the something worse than the gulag, with help from an idiot senator from Illinois. That means you, Senator Durbin. Hopefully the people of Illinois will see fit to replace you at re-election time. Just as a refresher, here's a post that provides examples of what torture really is (warning: graphic images).

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