Monday, June 27, 2005

Why not dump the Strib?

I don't have the eloquence of a Lileks, but I do have a reason to put up with the Star Tribune's left-loony opinion sections and occasional slanted reporting. The Fraters have a point, but...

If you're a conservative, consider the Star Tribune as an unintended, accidental fifth column in the left, a unknowing set of useful idiots for the likes ofKarl Rove, if you will. The shrill, poorly argued editorials, (the rudeness and arrogance are but a bonus) the extreme viewpoints, the clear signs of Bush Derangement Syndrome on full public display are just the kind of advertising the left (and the Democratic Party) deserve. Nick Coleman alone is a fine recruiter for the right, every time he writes a column about politics. And that's before even mentioning Jim Boyd.

Hell, if I were a conservative business owner it might be a good time to take out a bit more advertising in the Star&Sickle (if the economics are right, of course). If these folks are unbalanced lefty loons, that subscription money allows them to advertise that fact to the world. If you want to make Minnesota a red state, let'em rave!

Besides like I said before, it makes a fine dropcloth for cleaning the guns that so upset them. So subscribe, pour a tall one, sit back and watch the spectacle!

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