Sunday, June 12, 2005

Canadian Health Care

I wonder what the Star Tribune's editors would say to the Canadian Supreme Court about this decision. Here's an exerpt from the NYT story:

The court ruled that the waiting lists had become so long that they violated patients' "life and personal security, inviolability and freedom" under the Quebec charter of human rights and freedoms, which covers about one-quarter of Canada's population.

"The evidence in this case shows that delays in the public health care system are widespread, and that, in some serious cases, patients die as a result of waiting lists for public health care," the Supreme Court ruled. "In sum, the prohibition on obtaining private health insurance is not constitutional where the public system fails to deliver reasonable services."

What does the Strib, who has often praised Canada's single payer system, say to that? Not to mention the pro-single payer types in the DFL and national Democratic parties. (They know who they are... )

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