Wednesday, June 01, 2005

On the way home from work today via the evening traffic jam, I ended up trailing a car with a variety of anti-Bush ("A Village in Texas is Missing its Idiot") and pro-Democrat stickers. It got me thinking. Not just about the Kerry folks are still flying their allegiences over 7 months after the election, but about why there were Kerry stickers at all.

In an election year where the Democrats were united by hatred for George W. Bush, an incumbent hated by the press, one who was running a not very popular war in Iraq, an economy perceived to not be producing jobs, an incumbent deemed vulnerable, the Democrats nominated John Kerry. John Kerry, who probably was the second-worst choice (next to a Dean-Kucinich ticket) they could have made. A somewhat thin-skinned guy with a twenty year Senate record of non-achievement whose sole qualification for office was his military service in Vietnam. A service which he personally trashed in front of the Congress. A guy whose fellow officers banded together to oppose his candidacy because they considered him unfit to be President. A guy with a speaking voice that is the all-natural equivalent of Sominex. There were other folks available - Lieberman, Clark, Edwards - all of which would have been better national candidates than Kerry. More proof that the Democrats are their own worst enemy.

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