Friday, July 29, 2005

Semi-Random Jottings

Now that government has completely entered summer's silly season, the one where the folks in Washington are so starved of anything important that they mistake stuff like John Roberts' membership/non-membership in the Federalist society for something that matters, it's time to look at some other stuff.

Like the incompetent bombers who are now being arrested in London after the failed attacks of 7/21. I hope they sing like canaries. If they are as good at resisting interrogation as they are at making bombs, the British security forces will learn quite a lot from these murderous, idiot fanatics.

The IRA officially giving up the idea (for now, at least) of armed struggle for their goals in Northern Ireland. That would seem to be a worthwhile development - giving up guns for politics. Maybe ol' Chairman Mao was wrong after all.

The Twins giving up hitting for the season. A novel approach to winning pennants, and it ain't workin'. Will there be a deal before the deadline? Only the Shadow (and Terry Ryan) knows... . In the meantime another sign that summer is passing too quickly - Vikings training camp is opening.

Or Hollywood's problems at the box office. Perhaps if the folks there making movies of late would quit making "remake" into a synonym for "original", things would improve. Oh, and leave the comic books alone for a while. Too much of a good thing and all that.

Well, off to the breweriana show tomorrow.

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