Friday, July 22, 2005

While I've Been Away

this place has evolved to Adorable Little Rodent Status in the Ecosystem. Since I haven't actually written anything for over a week, this suggests that the less I write, the better. Since I have the normal amount of vanity, I don't know whether to enjoy the elevation to rodent status or depressed by the fact that I have increased my traffic by not writing. I have to admit the notion does appeal to the lazy side of my nature. Cracking open an IPA is certainly easier than writing posts. With a route to successful blogging this easy, maybe I could franchise... .

The hasn't been much blogging here of late mostly due to computer problems of a not-so-bad kind. Got a new computer a little while ago and I have been trying to install Linux on it. Unfortunately, the success has been mixed. It works (sort of), but I can't get it to talk to the rest of the world, or get the sound system to work. It looks rather like the beginning of a long march here at the manor to get this working properly.

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