Thursday, July 28, 2005

Unfounded Speculation from the Star Tribune

The Strib's editorial board in its unendinq quest to slime the current administration produced this piece of speculative fantasy, starring the Strib's favorite villain, Karl Rove. They paint a picture of St. Joe Wilson bravely exposing the evil deception of the Rove-controlled Bush Administration in getting us into war in Iraq.

I just want to remind people of some of the things the Strib left out. Like the fact that Wilson misrepresented the contents of his CIA report in his NY Times op-ed to imply the opposite of what he had actually reported. Like the way he hinted that he was sent by the vice-president's office when he was not. Moreover, he really was reccommended for the task by his wife. The fact that British Intelligence still stands by their claims about Hussein's government looking to buy uranium ore from African nations. The fact that the CIA director told the President it was a "slam dunk" that Saddam had weapons of mass destruction.

There's more! The demand of the press for an investigation into the Plame affair, even though the very same press already knows who gave the data to Novak. If it is so important, reveal the source of the leak instead of insisting on this current farce. Valerie Plame, the 'covert agent' who was well-known to the Washington press (ask Andrea Mitchell, for example). A person who goes to work at CIA headquarters five days a week.

The Star Tribune should just give up their stupid fantasies of Bush administration skullduggery and just do something reasonable for once - wait for U.S. Attorney Fitzgerald to actually finish conducting his investigation before crowing about what its not-yet-reached conclusions are. If the administration broke the law, we'll find out then. Until then this is just partisan fantasizing and vitriol.

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