Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Why Doesn't Amnesty International Complain about This?

Via Little Green Footballs and Dhimmi Watch, here's another example of the kind of thing that encourages Westerners to view the faith of Islam with suspicion. A money graf:
At this afternoon's meeting, IHEU representative David Littman attempted to deliver a prepared text in the joint names of three international NGOs: the Association for World Education, the Association of World Citizens, and IHEU, but was prevented from doing so by the intervention of Islamic members of the Sub-Commission. After repeated interruptions he was unable to complete his speech. The Islamic members of the Sub-Commission objected to the speech as an attack on Islam. The text however is a report on recent critical comment on Islamist extremism by a number of notable Muslim writers and is a call to the UN Human Rights Commission by the NGOs "to condemn calls to kill, to terrorise or to use violence in the name of God or any religion".
This is the kind of crap that gives Islam a black eye in the West, deserved or not. There is one thing about this stuff I truly don't understand: why aren't the cretins spewing this garbage being taken to school by the majority of Muslims who are not uncivilized barbarians? I mean, these murderous morons are a minority, yes? Why aren't they being shouted down by those who don't fly planes into buildings? Where are the imams issuing fatwas condemning the barbaric acts of that violent, murderous minority? There have been some, but not enough. Where are the people to join these brave souls in protest against murder in the name of God?

Please, don't let the fanatics be the voice of Islam... .

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