Monday, May 16, 2005

100 Greatest Americans

The Discovery Channel has embarked on a kind of useless excerise to determine who the greatest 100 Americans are. Given the value of the list, I decided to match it with the general lack of talent here and comment on it anyway. The major change will be the deletion of sports figures and entertainers, because they are over-represented in the list. I expect this post will be expanded over the next few days, so your suggestions and comments are welcome.

Here are the A's:

  • Retain: Susan B. Anthony
  • Add: Project Apollo (Neil Armstrong would a sentimental favorite, but he didn't get to the moon on his own)
  • Delete: everyone else


  • Retain: Alexander Graham Bell
  • Add: General John Buford (he made it possible for the Union to win at Gettysburg, by allowing the Union to occupy the high ground), Daniel Boone, Clara Barton
  • Delete: everyone else
  • Honorable Mention: George W. Bush, depending on how his Middle East policy turns out.


  • Retain: Andrew Carnegie, George Washington Carver, Cesar Chavez
  • Add: William Clark and Meriwhether Lewis
  • Delete: everyone else


  • Retain: Frederick Douglass, Walt Disney (yes, an exception to the no entertainers policy, he just had too much influence on the culture to ignore.)
  • Add: Debs, Eugene
  • Delete: everyone else


  • Retain: Thomas Edison, Dwight Eisenhower, Albert Einstein
  • Add:
  • Delete: everybody else


  • Retain: Benjamin Franklin
  • Add:
  • Delete: everyone else
  • Could've been a Contender: Henry Ford, execept for his bigotry


  • Retain: Bill Gates, John Glenn, Billy Graham
  • Add:
  • Delete: everyone else
  • Honorable Mention: Rudy Guiliani

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