Thursday, May 19, 2005

From the Compost Heap

This is a first attempt at what may become a regular feature of Million Monkeys, inspired by my first extended perusal of Arianna Huffington's collection of celebrity bloggers now known here as Huffington Compost. The moniker was inspired by a couple of items posted by Bill Press, who wrote:
Newsweek relied on faulty intelligence to write a magazine article. George W. Bush relied on faulty intelligence to start a war which has cost over $200 billion, and which has taken the lives of over 1600 Americans and tens of thousands of Iraqis.

Here's the difference.
Newsweek didn't know its intelligence was phony. And Newsweek apologized.

Which translates to: Bush lied. How do we know this? Because Bill Press said so. What do I say? Who's Bill Press, and why should I give a single, solitary damn what he says?

The other item is this one, from Kathryn Ireland:

"Can anyone tell me, are they going to bring back the draft? I have three sons -- all nearly teenagers -- and am terrified that they will. Why don't they make it that just Republican kids get called up?"


This reaction, from Chelsea Piretti:

I agree! Yes.

Children should die!

I choose to take that as sarcasm... .

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