Saturday, May 28, 2005

Katherine Kersten's Debut

Katherine Kersten's first column in this May 26th garnered a variety of reactions, but this one was the most interesting:

It was not a particularly auspicious debut for new Metro section columnist Katherine Kersten. Not only did her May 26 piece oversimplify and misrepresent recent comments of Archbishop Harry Flynn, but also she committed one of the cardinal sins of journalism: She failed to check her facts.

First, St. Gregory is not for sale (we are negotiating a lease with a charter school for the use of the building) and selling is but one of the options being considered for St. Therese. Second, all the parishes in our archdiocese are independent corporate entities and as such are not owned by the archdiocese. While the archbishop is the chair of the corporate boards, and conceivably could direct that the proceeds from any sale be given to the poor, it is not typical of Archbishop Flynn to intervene in the affairs of individual parishes.

The proceeds from the lease or sale of either of these properties will be used to help finance the cost of constructing the new facilities that our parish needs as we move into the future. If Kersten is wondering why the proceeds will not be given to help the poor, I will be glad to share with her what our parish community is currently doing to help the poor.

The Rev. John M. Bauer, pastor,

Lumen Christi Catholic Community, Churches of St. Gregory, St. Leo and St. Therese, St. Paul.

Well. As she is the sole locally-appearing conservative columnist at the Star Tribune, it is the opinion of the staff here at Million Monkeys Typing that she needs to work on the accuracy thing a bit. It wouild a shame if she were to grow up to be Nick Coleman.

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