Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Musings in a Minor Key

The Minnesota Legislature passed a raise in the minimum wage rate yesterday. A little thought should have allowed me to be unsurprised by the highly-caffinated Bob Davis' meltdown over it this morning. For all his caterwauling about how this will ruin the country, I just don't see how the lowest paid of us getting an extra 40 bucks a week is going to turn Constitution Avenue into Red Square, so to speak. In a way I think it is good that we set a floor for what a human being's time is worth, albeit a low one. I am well aware of all the arguments why a minimum wage is supposed to be bad, but with the emphasis capitalism and the free market place on getting every last bit of production for the least possible compensation, do we run the risk of going to the same dehumanizing place the via the slow road that the Marxists reached via express train? I hope not, but I wonder.

I see via Instapundit that there is now a vaccine for the human
papilloma virus. He also notes the Family Research Council is agin' it. I have a one word opinion of their position. Dumb. Just in case I wasn't clear, Dumb, Really Dumb. What kind of idiots think that denying people a vaccine against a fatal disease is a good idea? Even if they are right about vaccination encouraging sexual experimentation (also a crock o'crap in my opinion), they would consider preventing a small amount of premarital sex something worth deaths from cancer to achieve? Someone at the FRC should really reconsider the morals involved in that decision. Idiots.

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