Saturday, May 14, 2005

As reported by the both Twin Cities papers (this link is to the Strib's version), Sgt Gerald Vick, murdered early Friday morning, had twice the legal limit's concentration of alcohol in his blood when he was killed. This has sparked controversy, as many of his family and fellow officers took exception to this information being released to the public. The Strib ran a story about that reaction, one that surprisingly enough I mostly agree with.

The discovery that Sgt. Vick was intoxicated at the time of his murder raises unavoidable questions. Some are vary painful to his family and fellow officers, who understandably (and rightly, I think) wish to protect Sgt. Vick's reputation. The fact of his intoxication does not change his long record of meritorius and courageous service to the citizens of St. Paul. One that includes the Medal of Valor for rescuing kids from a burning house. Nor does it make him any less worthy of the honors given to him at his funeral, or less deserving of his family's love and respect.

Unfortunately, the questions about drinking have to be resolved, especially if it turns out to be a contributing factor to his death.

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