Tuesday, May 31, 2005


Sitemeter tells me that this place has had almost 80 visits today, which is probably about 79 hits more than this little blog merits. A year and four months to get 1,000 visits, then almost 700 this month alone ( Instapundit gets more visits between keystrokes, so don't get cocky - ed. ) Most of the visits seem to be the result of various Google searches, so I'm wondering what magic combination of words/phrases is generating the traffic. I wonder what sequence of words would get me a hundred? Maybe :

Hilary Clinton
Cookware blogging
Puppy Blending
rock and roll
George Galloway
Revenge of the Sith

What kind of sentence could be made out of this?
A Puppy Blending wingnut was watching Hillary Clinton filibuster cookware blogging while George Galloway was pitching sex, drugs, and Soviet rock and roll to the BusHitler while getting his political platform from the Revenge of the Sith.

I'd sure give a lot for some creativity roundabout now... . At least there's no audience out there that will notice this. Couldn't I be funny just once. Could I just win the damn lottery while I'm at it?

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